A Poetic Tantrum (poem)

Poetry from the soul.


there’s a riot in my mind
a protest in my heart
always trying to find
that spiritual work of art
       in search of something divine
       a deep yearning to hold
       that which could never be mine
       a beauty true and bold
my wish to
sleep eternity away 
causes me to
ever dream of someday
       it’s time to write another page
       oh yes, the plot will thicken
       as I try to quench my rage
       a new tirade will begin
puncturing my soul
bleeding out my spirit
through the gaping hole
I display my poetic fit 

BEHIND THE POEM: Just a little poem about bringing heart, soul, and personal experience into my poetry. I believe that good poetry requires a passion for the art of poetry writing and exposing your inner self. 

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