Come Together For Texas!

Show your love for Texas and all of America, lend a hand today!

        When one American hurts, we all hurt. When Americans are suffering we help in any way we can. That’s what it means to be American. Hurricane Harvey has ravaged the great state of Texas. Our fellow Americans are suffering. It’s time to put aside all of our differences. It’s time to put aside politics. We are all Americans. So, let’s act like it and come together to help our brothers and sisters in Texas. It’s time to come together as ONE NATION UNDER GOD and help our fellow Americans. 
         Everyone is talking about donating money but not all Americans can afford to do so. That’s okay. Most of us can’t get down to Texas to physically lend a hand. I know I would if I could but I just can’t. That’s okay too. There are lots of other things all of us can do to help our fellow Americans recover from this disaster. Below are a few things all Americans can do to show their love and support and help:
1.) Pray. No matter what your religion is or who your God is, you can pray. If you don’t believe in any God you can fill your mind with positive hopeful thoughts for your fellow Americans. Positive thoughts and well wishes are always helpful. 
2.) Use your social media accounts. Get on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and keep reminding people to help out. Even if you can’t donate money yourself you can help raise money. You can also show the people of Texas your support. Use your social media to remind people how dire the situation is and that our fellow Americans need help.
3.) If you have a blog/vlog use your blog to raise money, remind people to give, post prayers, and inspire others to stand together as Americans and just spread some love.
4.) Get local. No matter where you are in the country look into local charities that might be working to help people impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Even just volunteering to help people in your own community will help. Let Harvey motivate you to be a better American and help others in need.
5.) Encourage your family and friends to help. Just sitting around the dinner table talking about it and brain storming ways to help can go a long way. Never underestimate what you and your family and friends can do. Every single person can contribute to the greater good. 
       Remember, at the end of the day, we are all just Americans. If we come together to help each other there’s no limit to what we can accomplish and how much good we can do. God bless America! 

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