Dreams of the Heart

Intense staring eyes

Dreams of the Heart Linger Behind the Eyes.

Dreams of the Heart

come, experience my delusion
exist within my dream
become one with my illusion
help me write the theme
         thrive within my work of art
         play the music for my song
         discover the secrets of my heart
         as the beat moves us along
dance about
within my mind
move throughout
fantasies my spirit designed
        I long for your caress
        upon my naked soul
        unveiled, I confess
        you’re the piece which makes me whole
so, come embrace my spirit
as I embrace yours
in love most exquisite
God’s will merges our cores

BEHIND THE POEM: Just a simple love poem for my husband expressing that everything I am and everything I have is his because God willed it so and I’m happy He did. 


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