Hiding in the Past (poem)

Symbolic Loss of Liberty

Victim Mentality Destroys Liberty!

Hiding in the Past

it’s an era of sick ideology
of living entrenched in the past
slaves to the wicked idolatry
of all that did not last
         protesting what already went
         ignoring the REAL issues of TODAY
         such tremendous energy spent
         leading each other astray
in this time of distorted ideas
all is out of order
so many in vogue phobias
because everyone needs a disorder
          which they can hide behind
          and cling to their victim mentality
          lies specifically designed
          to sustain irresponsibility
blinded by displaced outrage
lacking proper guidance
ridiculous efforts to justify rage
in the meticulous avoidance
          of what’s meaningful and true
          too frightened to confront
          the current substantial issue
          so is invented another stunt
to turn eyes away from now
back to yesterday
hoping to obstruct the future somehow
by denying what is TRUE TODAY

BEHIND THE POEM: Poetry is meant to highlight the human condition. Therefore, I wrote this poem in response to the all the meaningless protests. With all the protesting going on, no one is protesting the REAL issues of TODAY. They’re protesting the past. Nothing is getting accomplished. 

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