The Epilogue (poem)

The in between is what matters.


so often I wonder
what notes will be written
in the margins of my life
once my final draft’s handed in
        I have to consider
        what God will say
        about my failures and strife
        once my final inspiration slips away
and what of me?
what will I myself think
when I make that last mark,
and am staring at my last drop of ink?
        how will I end my story?
        the story written by my own hand
        in eternal light or endless dark,
       where will my creative wings land?

BEHIND THE POEM: I wrote this poem because I’m so sick and tired of how no one seems to take responsibility for their words and actions. Everyone seems to be living like what we do on this earth doesn’t matter, as though life is merely a game. We all have choices to make and there will be consequences for each choice be it negative or positive. I choose to have faith and hold myself accountable for the decisions I make.         

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